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BikePay aims to simplify the process of obtaining competitive and affordable financing solutions for Australian cyclists.

BikePay has grown and transformed into a leader in bicycle loans and finance, carving a path in consumer financing. With a team of dedicated finance consultants and a strong network of lenders, we stand poised to provide tailored finance options that align with our customers’ best interests.

At BikePay, our primary goal is to offer transparent bicycle financing that suits the specific needs and financial circumstances of our customers.

We are committed to delivering a level of personalized service that’s honest, fair, and unmatched. Whether you’re seeking finance for a high scale track bicycle or a new e-bike for your weekend passion, BikePay can assist you in finding the right bicycle finance solution, tailored to you, not just the bank’s criteria.

Our financing options span across Australia, encompassing major cities and regional hubs, ensuring that accessibility isn’t a barrier.

BikePay isn’t just a finance provider; we’re your partner in turning cycling dreams into reality. Whether you’re exploring our online marketplace for the perfect bike, seeking to upgrade your current one, or venturing into new cycling territories, we’re here to provide the financial support you need to make it happen. Your cycling journey is our priority.

Choose BikePay for bicycle loans that are straightforward, competitive, and perfectly suited to your cycling aspirations. Our team of expert consultants have been providing financing options to Australians since 2012, and we’ll continue to be your steadfast bicycle finance companion on your pedal-powered adventures, wherever they may take you.

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At BikePay, we pride ourselves on transparent bicycle loans, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your financing journey every step of the way.

Experience the ease of hassle-free loans with BikePay, where your cycling aspirations are just a smooth pedal away