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Introducing BikePay’s Tailored Merchant Financing Solutions


At BikePay, we’re excited to present our exclusive merchant financing options designed specifically for our valued partners.

With our comprehensive approach, we aim to empower businesses in the cycling industry by offering financing solutions that come with distinct advantages.

Say goodbye to merchant fees, as we’ve crafted a financing program that eliminates them, giving you more room to grow. But that’s not all – we’re taking it a step further by offering free online advertising through our website and social media channels. It’s not just financing; it’s a partnership that propels your business forward.

We’ve put in the effort to ensure that obtaining a loan with us is fast and straightforward, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

What are your benefits?

Seamless Financing

BikePay streamlines the financing process for your retail outlet, making it easy for your customers to access funds for their bicycle purchases. Our user-friendly application and efficient approval process enable quick and hassle-free financing, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Increased Sales

By offering financing options through BikePay, you open doors to a wider customer base. Many potential buyers may hesitate due to upfront costs, but with our financing solutions, you can convert hesitant shoppers into confident buyers, boosting your sales and revenue.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Providing flexible financing options builds trust and loyalty among your customers. With BikePay’s tailored plans, you offer convenience and affordability, fostering a positive shopping experience that encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

No Merchant Fees and Advertising Support

BikePay’s financing program comes with a unique advantage – no merchant fees. This means you can offer financing without the burden of additional costs. You can also access free online advertising through our website and social media platforms, increasing your store’s visibility and attracting more customers.

What are your customers benefits?

Competitive Rates

BikePay offers financing at competitive rates, ensuring customers not only enjoy the convenience of affordable installments but also the advantage of securing their desired bicycle without compromising on financial well-being.

Quick and Convenient Process

Applying for financing through BikePay is quick and convenient. Our streamlined online application process ensures minimal paperwork and swift approvals, so customers can get on their bikes sooner.

Flexibility to Choose

With BikePay, customers have the flexibility to choose a financing plan that aligns with their budget and preferences. This empowers them to select the best repayment option and term that suits their financial situation.

Accessible Bicycle Ownership

BikePay enables customers to own their dream bicycles without the upfront financial burden. Our financing options make high-quality bikes more accessible by allowing customers to spread the cost over manageable installments.

Merchant accreditation

Contact us to request your accreditation and get started working with Bikepay, today.



Unlock free advertising for your bicycle and reach a wider audience with our free advertising.

At BikePay, we pride ourselves on transparent bicycle loans, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your financing journey every step of the way.

Experience the ease of hassle-free loans with BikePay, where your cycling aspirations are just a smooth pedal away